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Janssen Process Point Repair

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Injection process for the rehabilitation of damaged pipes with simultaneous stabilization of the bedding

The Janssen Process Point Repair is the trenchless sewer pipe rehabilitation technology, which not only repairs the damaged pipe itself, but also addresses and cures the main cause of such damages and stabilizes the pipe-/ bedding system. A remotely controlled packer is positioned at the damaged spot. Subsequently a 2 component resin is injected under pressure through cracks in the pipe or missing wall pieces into the adjacent bedding. Thus the original pipe is rebuilt without any loss in cross section, while at the same time any voids around the pipe are filled and the bedding as such is stabilized. This prevents root ingrowth, water in- and exfiltration and the creation of new voids. The repair is done in the complete circumference of the pipe independent of the size or location of the damaged area, be it in the crown or at the sole of the pipe. Groundwater ingress does not pose a problem.

Prior to lining major point damages like groundwater ingress, holes, missing wall pieces or shards with their respective voids ought to be repaired with this technology. This makes the installation of the liner much easier and prevents future sink holes. The material is cured after 30 minutes and the packer can be removed.

The packer core is open and allows the existing waste water to flow through. No by-passes are needed. Traffic interruption is kept to a minimum.

1. Prior to the repair the area is prepared by a cutting robot and the cleaned with the flushing water of the cutter.

before repair

2.2. The packer is positioned at the repair spot by remote control. It injects a 2 component PU resin through the cracks and missing wall pieces into the bedding. The adjacent voids are filled and the sewer pipe is reconstructed in its full circumference over about three feet. The bedding is stabilized. A number of cameras oversee the complete process. Curing takes about 30 minutes and the repair is finished.

fter repair

Technical data:

Sewer pipe:

6” - 28”

Pipe materials:

clay, concrete, PVC, cast iron



Advantages for the owner:

  • rehabilitates and seals permanently against in- or exfiltration, root growth and fills voids
  • addresses and fixes the basic causes for damages, i.e. faulty bedding
  • prevents future sink holes
  • applicable even under significant ground water ingress
  • no reduction in cross-section
  • rebuilds missing wall pieces
  • viscosity and curing time guarantee the complete penetration of all cracks and the filling of voids

Janssen Process Point Repair before liner installation

Janssen Process Point Repair

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pipe dug-out