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JANSSEN FAST-INJECT: Rehabilitation of Lateral Connections and Joints

Injection Process For The Connection of Laterals in Relined Pipes and Joint Repairs

  • Dimensions of Main (circular profile): DN 180 - DN 600 (7" - 24")
  • Dimensions of Lateral: DN 100 - DN 200 (4" - 8")
  • Materials of Main: Clay, Concrete, PVC and Cast Iron
  • Materials of Liner: GRP, Needle Felt
  • Resin: JaGoFast
  • Dimensions of Main (circular profile): DN 180 - DN 600 (7" - 24")


Janssen Fast Inject is a novel Process to quickly and durably re-connect laterals to a relined main and for the sealing of leaking joints.

The 2-component PU based resin is pumped from separate tanks on the service vehicle to the packer, where it is mixed and immediately injected into the repair area. The fast curing resin allows repairs in only a few minutes, so that the function of the lateral connection ist interrupted only briefly. The working principle guarantees a force-fit connection.


Advantages For The Owner

  • Due to the self-driven pushing unit work can be done from jut one manhole
  • The same pushing unit can be used in pipes from DN 180 to DN 600 (7" - 24")
  • Quickly curing resin, which is used for the rehabilitation of lateral connections as well as that of joints
  • Seals against infiltration
  • Cameras control the positioning and injection process
  • Pressure controls for packer and lateral bladder
Lateral Packer and Positioning Unit
Rehabilitated Lateral Connection
Packer for Joint Sealing
Rehabilitated Joint
Control Room
Rear Room