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Lateral Liners (copy 1)

A system for the trenchless rehabilitation of lateral pipes in a diameter of up to 300 mm (12”).

The problem:
Damaged connecting pipes with cracks, root ingrowth, shards, in- and exfiltration, holes and missing wall pieces.

That is how we solve this problem:
A saturated and PU-coated tube of polyester-felt is inverted into the pipe through an inversion-drum (pressurized 4” – 12”). The polyester-felt displaces any water accumulated in the low points of the pipe, when it is inverted. Their can be no air inclusions. Up to a certain point even bends and reductions can be rehabilitated.

Since we can work with hot water curing, the lateral pipe can be put back into use within 3 hours.

The tube can be installed by way of the revision opening or any other known opening in the pipe.